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Dan David Dan David was born on May 23, 1929, in Bucharest, Romania. He is married to Gabriela Fleischman David and is the father of Ariel David.

He studied Economics and Technical Methodology and applied his studies to industrial photography. Dan David is fluent in French, Italian, English, Romanian, Spanish, Hebrew and German. He holds the title of Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa at Tel Aviv University.

Until 1949 Dan David was a member of the Central Committee of the Zionist Youth Organisation "Hanoar Hazioni" in Romania.

Between the years 1954-1961 Dan David worked as a journalist and as a photographer in Romania and in Israel. Since then, he has managed the companies Fomat Ltd., Israel; Dedem Automatica Srl, Italy; Tecnotron S.A., Spain; and Nippon Auto Photo KK, Japan. In 1968 he became a Board member of Photo-Me International Plc., which is today one of the FTSE 250 on the London Stock exchange, and of which he is now President and shareholder.

Dan David is a member of the Board of Directors of GLG Global Convertible Fund Plc., and a consultant for 'Western Management' Financial Investment companies; Fomat Ltd., Tel Aviv; Dedem Automatica Srl, Rome; Tecnotron S.A., Madrid; Nippon Auto Photo KK, Tokyo; KIS SA, France; Photomat SA, Bucharest; and Auto Photo Systems, Tustin, USA.

He is the inventor of a new photographic technology and has issued various patents in the field of photography.

Dan David is a member of the Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University and is an Elected Member of the World Academy of Art and Science.

His passions are history, archaeology and chess.

Dan, Gabby and Ariel David
Dan, Gabby and Ariel David
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